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How do you cover up a broken car window?

Can you use dry erase markers on car windows? Car Message Leave a message for a friend in their car with your dry erase markers. Dry erase works great on glass and creates a cool look. What markers can you use on car windows? Chalk

What do you do with a broken car window?

Best in Car Repair The average price to replace a window operated car is between $ 279 and $ 378. Staff costs are estimated to be between $ 94 and $ 118 while unit costs are between $ 185 and $ 260. This range does not include taxes and

How much is a passenger side window?

What kind of glass are car windows made of? The windshield and rearview mirror are made of tempered glass. The sun glass is very strong, like a protective glass, but it differs in several important ways. Heat sinks are made by rapidly